The device allows you to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies for cash.

Basic configuration:

 Weight: approx. 150 kg
 Material: 2.5 mm steel
 Screen: 16:9 Full HD 21.5”
 Connections: 3G/5G or Wi-Fi
 Dispenser: FUJITSU F56 2 cassettes with a capacity of 500 banknotes each
 Thermal printer: SANEI SK1
 Camera: USB 2 Mpix
 QR code reader: Newland FM30
 Supported crypto: BTC, XRP, ETH, USDT, USDC
 Languages: Polish, English, any language can be added
 UPS online: UPS1000-T-ON
 Power consumption: 150W
 Voltage:  230V


Device price:

7,300.00 €
For this device, you can buy a maximum of 2 additional cassettes with a capacity of 500 banknotes each

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